Bet Victor Poker free bet
Bet Victor Poker Free Bet

Bet Victor Poker

£1000 Deposit Bonus from Bet Victor Poker.

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£1000 First Time Deposit Bonus

October 2017

When you make your first time deposit into BetVictor Poker you are automatically awarded (no code necessary) a 200% up to £1,000 pending bonus that releases in 10% increments at £1 for every 8 Action Points earned.

For example;

You deposit £50 and are awarded a £100 pending bonus (200% deposit match) ,Your bonus is released in increments of £10 (increments of 10% of total bonus)

You will be awarded £10 for every 80 Action Points earned through play in real money cash games and tournaments (£1 per 8 Action Points earned)

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