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Good But No Betfair
September 3, 2015
Joined up to get an overview on the markets compared to Betfair, whilst a good service it lacks some of option that Betfair has and some markets don't have liquidity required which can be annoying.
Fewer players than Betfair but better than Sportsbooks
October 29, 2015
Betfair's little sister. The one who is more generous but doesn't have many friends. Far fewer friends infact. Whilst Betdaq do have a wide range of in-depth markets on events (although not a great deal of sports to choose from), and generally better odds than the sportsbooks, Betdaq has far, far fewer players than Betfair meaning there isn't much liquidity, and therefore that's a problem when trying to get a bet matched for the lesser popular events. Therefore this isn't a great place for the high-stakes punters; often there is too little money available to back and lay, and this can be a particular problem in-play. Consider this is the backup exchange to Betfair for both the timebeing and problem the long-term future as they don't appear to be making much headway. Of course there are still good reasons to pick Betdaq over a sportsbook, not least because their odds are better and the tax on your winnings is less than Betfair.
Next best thing to betfair
December 9, 2017
Great site lower commission liquidity not so good but overall a nice site to use

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